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HWS Medieval Scots (Gaelic) Woman Warrior Concept :icongambargin:Gambargin 61 3 Darro Zhen Battle Field (Commission) :iconkarolding:KaRolding 44 3 cin vhetin :iconllachar:Llachar 15 0 Red and white :iconmarrgit:marrgit 57 6 Winter :iconfeigenfrucht:feigenfrucht 27 13
Ever Hear Of...Mary Fields?
Wakey, wakey, history, eggs and bacey! The history series you’ve come to know and love is back once again to tell you about the craziest, kookiest, or just plain awesomest historical figures you’ve probably never even heard of before (please use Ever Hear Of responsibly). So put on your safety goggles, hold on tight, and make sure to keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times, because today we’re going to talk about one of the toughest women to ever tame the wilderness of the American West. A former slave who was born into obscurity, overcame every gender and racist stereotype of her day, faced down wolves and screaming Indians and gunslinging outlaws on a daily basis, became the first African American ever to be employed by the U.S. Postal service, and lived to tell the tale. In fact, right up until the day she died at the ripe old age of 82, this six-foot tall badass bulldozer of a woman had a standing bet at her local saloon: Five bucks and a glass of wh
:iconagawaer:Agawaer 5 4
model of a model
an artist and a scientist
i can only look at my body from
very specific angles
one part of my mind sculpts the atoms in
the irregular unattractive curvature
of the way my flesh occupies space;
the other measures qualitative data
on the brushstrokes comprising
my silhouette's abstract interior
i search for significance in the way
my painted veins can be bent
into cosmic interstate/interstellar
instant travelways for whatever
wants to move across me
my neurons fire at random
and i wonder if it counts as art
although uncontrolled and unremembered;
but it lets my brain practice for the real thing,
that personal universal intersection
of beauty and hypothesis,
a theory unpossessed, impossible
and lingering in the empty space
that makes up my majority
:iconblanketings:blanketings 6 4
RC-1138 :iconspartan-055:Spartan-055 39 7 Chronicles of a Bounty Hunter (unedited) :icontachi-tachi:tachi-tachi 139 14 ... :iconragekay:ragekay 116 3 Mansfield Park II :iconnatasailincic:NatasaIlincic 190 14
Mature content
Nor the Fear of It :iconallytothequaking:AllytotheQuaking 1 2
Give the Devil Her Due Rights :icongambargin:Gambargin 119 11
to wake the dead.
would it be terribly insensitive
for me to say “good morning”
in a cemetery?
the sun lifts up slowly,
and the dead sleep in late,
as usual.
:iconlittleblueraccoon:littleblueraccoon 183 25
Women :icongambargin:Gambargin 121 9
The tandem contest: what you need to know!
First of all, thank you to all of you, contestants, to take part of the Tandem Contest! Now that you are willing to participate to this contest, here are a couple of things that you need to know about the contest process before going any further.
Is the pairing really random?
Yes, it is. In other words, do not think that we, the judges, are trying to make some special treatment for some of you, or, on the opposite, that we are trying to ruin your chances of winning this contest. We were totally neutral when we did the pairing.
Can we use old works for this contest? 
Yes, you can, as long as they are either stock, poetry or macro photographs/close-ups. Moreover, you do not have to, but it would be nice to explain what your process was in order to create your final piece :) (the concept, your approach...)
Can we use other people's works for this contest?
No. You have to use your own works only.
:iconjustacapharnaum:JustACapharnaum 29 85


DC-26's Profile Picture
United States
I like books and tea.


Putting my non-ff stuff in storage for now.  :(
New words for First Impressions!

They are not very good words, but they are new!  And if I can just get past this troublesome spot, I have ideas that I'm actually excited to write.
I'm reasonably satisfied with the current, complete draft of Much Ado About Clones.  It weighs in at just over 79,000 words.  Probably parts of it will get tweaked between now and posting, but I'm calling it drafted.

And getting ready to hopefully go back to a long-neglected project.
Sent the book proposal. We'll see if anything comes of it.
I'm holding off on uploading First Impressions for a short time.  For now, the option to limit views to those logged in to DA still exists, and I'd like to loiter a bit and see that it's still there before sharing my stuff with the whole internettin' world.

I made a small amount of progress writing this week.  Less than I'd hoped.  But better than nothing.

Still struggling with my least favorite character of all time.  Bit of writer's block (more an issue of time, I think), so I thought I'd take this opportunity to solicit your strategies for overcoming writer's block.


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I loved the poem and am glad it was featured!
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Hey there, friend, thank you muchlike for the support.  :)
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I keep meaning to leave an actual comment, but failing to come up with anything to say.  It's a beautiful poem.
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