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NaPoWriMo 2017 - My poems
for :iconnapowrimo:
This was my fourth NaPoWriMo. I focused on trying to describe a relationship that started here a while ago, we met a year ago yesterday, and we've been together ever since! It's a strange, unique, fantastic relationship. I'll leave it to my poems to (hopefully) describe it. Although he doesn't really write anymore, he continues to inspire me, so this won't be the end of my writing about him.
Feedback is always welcome! Please read the description of each poem, which usually includes additional inspiration or context.
Day 1   ~ Day 2  
Day 3  ~ Day 4  
Day 5  ~ Day 6 
Days 7, 8, 9 and 10     (4 senryu)
Day 11  ~ Day 12  
Day 13 
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Semiannual Useless Finals Procrastination Doodle by CharmQuark Semiannual Useless Finals Procrastination Doodle :iconcharmquark:CharmQuark 1 0 Gone by feigenfrucht Gone :iconfeigenfrucht:feigenfrucht 34 3 princess scramble by BrianKesinger princess scramble :iconbriankesinger:BrianKesinger 207 8
The taste of oceans
on my lips
my salt blurred eyes
do burn
I hear the cry of gulls
and my spirit  
joins their flight...
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Toothy by faQy Toothy :iconfaqy:faQy 107 4
I spent a few joyful seconds today
clambering over a brief, steep hill
avoiding with anxious twists of my feet
so many small beds of flowers,
minuscule and white
like winking stars,
like life rising from verdant water,
because I loved them and I wanted them to live.
when I sat down at the top of
that small incline
enthroned in dirt, happy in the earth,
I traced with anxious twists of my hands
that slim delicate irregular gridwork,
those minuscule white scars
that I pressed
with sure fingers
into my skin
seven long years ago
because I loved myself and I wanted to live.
:icontoxic-nebulae:toxic-nebulae 6 0
close (closer)
short of breath
& dragging ragged
inspirations into
a ribcage that must
be too small
did you know that
it’s the negative
pressure between
your pleura
that keeps your
lungs from
another gasp
from organs that
would shrivel
without the lack
of space around them
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Invasion by SmacksArt Invasion :iconsmacksart:SmacksArt 61 19 Integration by autumnicity Integration :iconautumnicity:autumnicity 24 1 Imperial prototype (Based on white pro BF) updated by AraxussYexyr Imperial prototype (Based on white pro BF) updated :iconaraxussyexyr:AraxussYexyr 70 7
Some days I need to remind myself why I write. It's work. It takes up a massive amount of free time. It's solitary and sedentary . . . but at the end of the day, I love doing it. I don't know if what I write is ever good - I think the 'goodness' of any art subjective anyhow, but I can say I work toward improvement with every line. That's really it, and that is enough. I also need to remember my harshest critics are just there to make me better, even if they don't know it. So yeah *cough* I will not have a writer's crisis. I refuse.
I am on pace to finish the last two chapters of my book this month, assuming nothing else goes wrong. I'm pretty excited about the first draft, even as I acknowledge it will need a lot of work. I've never actually finished a book sized project before. Usually, I get a 100 or so pages in and *boom* I think it sucks, and delete the entire text. This time around, I've had a lot of support (especially on dA) and can get past the "first draft sucks" blues. I'm st
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Untitled by SootheNoo1959 Untitled :iconsoothenoo1959:SootheNoo1959 90 59
The Clone Wars: Containment - Chapter 14d
Lock hated being in a hurry on base.  They were still technically in a combat zone, which meant that randomly sprinting across the air field would be a major breach of protocol.  Running could cause an alert; so instead, Lock was limited to walking as briskly as possible without actually breaking into a jog.
    His hurried steps had taken him past the garage briefing room and he was making his way across the duracrete to a corner of the airfield where the bulky black shape of the CR-25 loomed over a cluster of cargo larties.
    So intent was he, on reaching his destination that he failed to recognize two figures off to his left until it was too late.
    “What’s the matter, Lieutenant?” called the familiar voice of ARC Lieutenant Heke as he and Commander Reach turned their heads to face Lock.  “Need the ‘freshers?”
    Lock ground his teeth and slowed his
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United States
I like books and tea.


Putting my non-ff stuff in storage for now.  :(
New words for First Impressions!

They are not very good words, but they are new!  And if I can just get past this troublesome spot, I have ideas that I'm actually excited to write.
I'm reasonably satisfied with the current, complete draft of Much Ado About Clones.  It weighs in at just over 79,000 words.  Probably parts of it will get tweaked between now and posting, but I'm calling it drafted.

And getting ready to hopefully go back to a long-neglected project.
Sent the book proposal. We'll see if anything comes of it.
I'm holding off on uploading First Impressions for a short time.  For now, the option to limit views to those logged in to DA still exists, and I'd like to loiter a bit and see that it's still there before sharing my stuff with the whole internettin' world.

I made a small amount of progress writing this week.  Less than I'd hoped.  But better than nothing.

Still struggling with my least favorite character of all time.  Bit of writer's block (more an issue of time, I think), so I thought I'd take this opportunity to solicit your strategies for overcoming writer's block.


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